3 Fearless Awards – 1 Wedding – The story through the eyes of the kids

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This is the story of the wedding of Linde & Wouter….

For this blogpost I chose not to show the full wedding, but the wedding through the eyes of their lovely 3 kids.

It was a simple wedding, without much glitter and glamour, but I had all the ingredients a real wedding needs; Family, Friends & Love. So that became the focus of my photo documentary.

In the past year I’ve entered some of the images from this wedding to the international Fearless Photographers contest for wedding photographers. Each contest around 15.000 images are submitted by the best wedding photographers in the whole world and around 1% of the submissions wins a Fearless Award. It’s like the oscars for wedding photographers. So winning one is not only a rare feat, it’s possible you will never win one in your life! So you can imagine I was quite overwhelmed when I heard the news that now 6 of my images had won a Fearless Award this year and 3 of those came from the same wedding. This wedding!

So if you want to see the full story through the eyes of their kids, you can scroll down and take a look.

If you want me to document your wedding as well, with or without glitter and glamour, I’d love to get in touch with you, meet you and create a story for you that will be cherished for years to come.